Our Quartets

There are many great quartets in the Desert Aires Chorus. Check them out for availability.  Your next event would be enhanced by some intimate four-part harmony, we’d love to hear from you.

The Sun Cities' School Board Quartet

Ken Corns (623) 544-0654
or kcorns2000@yahoo.com

With over 1000 performances, this quartet has been entertaining audiences throughout the Northwest Valley and beyond for over twenty years, and would love to entertain you and your group.

Jim Schaefer, Tenor
Ken Corns, Lead
Roy Botterbusch, Bass
Aaron Burleson, Baritone

Time Was Quartet

Contact Dave Moses (Click here)
TimeWas@ymail.com or phone 623-537-9804


Gene Brandwine, Tenor
Dave Moses, Baritone
Bill Shaw, Bass
Barney Barnhart, Lead

Just In Time Quartet

Contact Mike Wananabe

or 623-215-3556

Ron Sonnenleiter, Tenor
Mike Watanabe, Lead
Marv Polte, Bass
Ted DumBauld, Baritone

Midwest Connection

Contact: Curt Struyk Lead (616) 822-9079

Grant Fox, Tenor
Curt Struyk, Lead
Bill Shaw, Bass
Brion Grant, Bari

Off The Clock

Steve “Gunner” Varga, Tenor (760) 608-7621

Fred Anderson, Lead (760) 808-2278

Steve Clausing, Bass (502) 498-4667

Rich Harvey, Baritone (509) 869-6105